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W5374 Co Rd B, Fond du Lac, WI 54937

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Life has obstacles, we help you overcome them at TNT ADVENTURE 

Designed to challenge all ages and fitness levels, this course located outdoors on the TNT grounds has permanent and portable obstacles. 

About The Obstacle Course

The course is 11 lanes of obstacles and approximately 25+ obstacles of varying difficulty. Everything is “challenge by choice” so if you do not feel comfortable trying an obstacle, you don’t have to! This course is grass, NO MUD, so you won’t likely go away dirty unless it is raining or has been wet. There is also a nice 1/3 mile running loop, also mowed grass. The course is beautiful!



Ask About Family Rates and Groups

Adventure obstacle course

All are welcome to come to the obstacle course! You do not have to be a season member! Children as young as 5 years of age with a parent will enjoy the course. You can expect a warm-up, demonstration of obstacles, and then free-time to either do the prescribed workout challenge given by the trainer, or opt to do your own workout! We always have music going strong, a sprinkler for those super hot summer days and evenings, and water for you!

Team building

Schools, athletic teams, and corporations looking for fitness combined with fun and team-building have found the perfect venue at TNT Adventure Obstacle Course.

Obstacle Course Training

Are you training for an obstacle course or adventure race like Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, Warrior Dash, Savage Race, or looking for a great workout outdoors? Do you like a challenge?  TNT Adventure, LLC might be the perfect outdoor “gym” for you!


TNT Adventure Obstacle Course is located on W5374 CR-B just south of Fond du Lac, east of Hwy 41 and on the right side of the road heading east. If you hit Kelley Creamery Ice Cream, you’ve gone too far! If you meant to go there, come by us and burn off the calories!

No Gimmicks


This course has no gimmicks–there is no mud, no shocking, smoke or fire, no freezing water, and no inflatable obstacles. Every obstacle is “challenge by choice”, meaning *you* get to decide how easy or tough the course will be for you. We have trained all ages–from the Girl Scouts at age 5, to the Army Reserve, to women and men in their 60’s!