Ready for a CHALLENGE?

Kettlebell training is a dynamic, full-body workout that can improve your fitness level faster and more completely than you ever thought possible. Kettlebell Training is an intense time saving workout which combines strength training and cardio training into one routine.

Kettlebell Instruction from an EXPERT in Kettlebells – Melissa A. Schmidt

Melissa A. Schmidt, owner of TNT Adventure, LLC, is an expert in kettlebells and RKC I & II Certified since 2010. She also has been trained as a Functional Movement Specialist (2013) and can perform a functional movement screen (FMS) to score and help identify asymetries in your movement patterns and then prescribe exercises to help you move better. You can also call Melissa Schmidt at 920.539.4415 for personal training and/or an expert, fun, and experienced introduction to kettlebells.  Melissa has trained ages 7 to 70+ in kettlebell instruction and teaches two unique classes that cater to the youngest and eldest: Kettlebells for Kids (ages 7-12) and Dynamic 50’s (ages 50+). Her class schedule can be found on this website at or by emailing or

Melissa is also an ultra runner since 2015 and has completed more than 25 marathons in the past 2 years. She also completed the Fall 50 (Oct 24, 2015) placing 3rd in her age group, competed at the OCR World Championships (Oct 17, 2015), placing 9th in her age group, and completed her first timed marathon, the Whistlestop Marathon (Oct 10, 2015),  in 3:49, placing 4th in her age group. She completed all three events in back-to-back weekends. If you ask Melissa, age is just a number.