TNT Adventure offers tailored programs to get your group (office, team, club, friends, kids, family)  not only doing something out-of-the ordinary, but leaving with something to improve overall health and wellness…FOR LIFE.  Team-building can be customized with some or all of the following:

  • Learn Kettlebell Essentials and take home a skill you can forever use!
  • Experience the TNT Adventure Obstacle Course with your teammates in an organized event.
  • Enjoy and learn from team-building activities that help establish team-bonding, trust, reliance, and communication utilizing the obstacle course.
  • Learn 10 keys to nutrition that we teach ALL TNT members.


We know what YOU do and the changes YOU make in your lifestyle affect those around you. Be the catalyst for change in not only your life, but in the lives of those around you. Be the inspiration someone else needs to help them to accomplish their health and wellness goals.

We at TNT believe there is an athlete in everyone. Whether you discover that athlete, or RE-discover him or her, or… even if you don’t, we will meet you where you’re at, and help you to accomplish your personal wellness goals.



Hello! My name is Melissa Schmidt and I’m the Owner and Operator of TNT Adventure Obstacle Course.  Educationally my degree is in Rehabilitation Psychology from UW Madison, with an undergraduate degree in Psychology also from UW Madison.  I have worked as a Certified Counselor within the State of Wisconsin, as an Academic Advisor and Recruiter at UW Oshkosh, and most recently as a Level II RKC Certified Kettlebell Instructor and Personal Trainer at TNT Fitness Results in Fond du Lac, and  TNT Adventure Obstacle Course Owner! I also am a Certified Kettlebell Functional Movement Specialist. Personally, I believe in following your passion, and that’s what I have done! I absolutely love helping individuals perceive themselves through a new (and improved) lens. The TNT Adventure motto is “Find A New Confidence” because I believe one can develop and feel more confident the more physically able and fit one feels. I know it’s been my transformation, and I’ve seen many people changed in the same way, especially women and children. Every summer since 2011 I have held a “Kettlebells for Kids” course, which has been a wonderful experience for kids ages 8-12 to learn kettlebell technique and have some fun on the obstacle course, as well.

Athletically, I have competed internationally as a former rower on the UW Madison Crew Team, and in 1995 I was invited and participated in Olympic Development Camp at Dartmouth. Since re-discovering my inner-athlete, I have competed in numerous Tactical Strength Challenges, often placing in the top 3 (October, 2013 and 2014 I placed 1st in the “Elite” Division). I also hold the record for the Ultimate Secret Service Snatch Test, at 299 kettlebell snatches in 10 minutes with a 16kg kettlebell.  In the more recent past I have competed in a few Crossfit Garage Game competitions and placed 1st in 2 different Garage Games (Green Bay Ice Bowl, 1st in Masters Division) and “Fittest Farmhand” Garage Game in Waunakee as a part of a team of 4).  In the past year I have enjoyed ultra running and have completed 10 marathons in the past year, with my best time being 3:49 and the Fall 50 as a solo runner, placing 3rd in my first ever 50 mile race.  I believe age is just a number, and you can continue to improve with great nutrition, coaching, training, and by listening to your body.


derekAnother trainer is the Co-Founder and former owner of TNT Fitness Results, and a great friend of mine, Derek Toshner.  Derek has an amazing list of athletic accomplishments, which include competing in the Olympic Trials in the 400 meter hurdles.  Derek has been an athlete his entire life, and he’s in phenomenal shape at age 33, holding a world record in kettlebell snatches, and the title of “Midwest’s Fittest Man” in 2010 and 2011 (Crossfit Madtown Challenge), and winning the Strongfirst Tactical Strength Challenge on an international level 9 times. Above all, however, Derek is also an incredible trainer. and has helped literally hundreds of people reach their health, wellness, and athletic goals with his knowledge, and with the passion he has for helping others achieve their potential in all ways.



Whether you’re that athlete who has always been an athlete and wants to improve, or whether you haven’t discovered your inner-athlete yet. Maybe you’re that “walk-on” that is just experiencing your body in an athletic way for the first time…

We welcome YOU!

We will meet you where you’re at, and help you accomplish your goals.

Are you ready for the challenge? Because it *IS* a CHALLENGE.